Thursday, August 23, 2007

18.7.07: Frustration in Birchington

Annie and Jenni are away. I have their house to myself and the morning to get stuff done. But some days just don't work out. I miss meeting my friend Connie at the Minnis by ten minutes.

I cycle uphill towards Birchington Library before realising I've forgotten my USB lead for uploading photos onto the blog. But returning with it later, the library turns out to be closed on Wednesdays. On to the bank to get cash, but it's been ramraided - two cash machines squat glumly and uselessly on pallets inside the building.

And then my pink perspex waterbottle vanishes from my bike.

For the record, this was it, pictured Monday, in Memorial Park, Herne Bay. I loved it but clearly someone else did too.