Thursday, August 23, 2007

17.7.07: The road to Minnis Bay

3.00 pm:
Temperature 18C, south wind. Day's distance cycled: 6 1/2 miles

Computer up-loading problems, so I set off late. My blog appears to be on US time, which feels somewhat surreal and appears that I'm blogging at 4am!

Such gusts of wind at Reculver(past Herne Bay), all my concentration is focussed on not being blown off the path, so that I forget to photograph the iconic tower. Earlier in the summer I had some coaching on this stretch to Minnis Bay with Paul the cycle instructor at a weekly club for people with disabilities.

We would ride together on a kind of conjoined tricycle - 3 wheels, 2 sets of handlebars, 2 saddles - where I could gradually build up strength by taking a greater proportion of our combined weight. Sadly for its regular members the club is now closed.

Joyful ride in sunshine - I'm sustained by apples growing wild below the path and collect fennel to cook later.

Closer to Minnis Bay I meet Carol and her dogs. They are very obedient.

Carol's grandfather had emphysema but still lived into his 90s. This is cheering.

6.30 pm:
Arrive at Annie and Jenni's in Minnis Bay.