Thursday, August 23, 2007

10.8.07: Quick visit to Rye

2.30 pm :
Gina and Annie take me by car into Rye which is full of tourists. We meet Tony who opened a men's vintage store on the main street just two weeks ago. The tiny shop is packed.

At the Apothecary Coffee House, Jane Fraser, a Rye tour guide, gives me details of the Fraser clan and claims me as a relative.

We pass a window notice advertising a meeting to discuss how Rye should be administered. Rye currently comes under Rother District Council, based in Bexhill, and all decisions are taken there.

Later I photograph Annie. Gina refuses but allows her cat Rufus to represent her.

Annie has multiple schlerosis. We discuss the complexities of living with progressive disease, the reality/denial dynamic which we both experience and the psychological management strategies we employ. Annie collects aesthetic walking sticks. They are waiting in the wings . . . She tells me about a Buddhist meditation called the Mindfulness of Breathing.

In the evening the badgers are back. There are six of them just ten yards away and we sit on the doorstep, watching silently. The badgers have poor sight; they are not naturally nocturnal and only became so as a result of our persecution.