Thursday, August 23, 2007

22.7.07: Party at Botany Bay

My friends are organising a beach party at Botany Bay to raise money for the British Lung Foundation. Fiona has made an encouraging banner!

I get cranio-sacral treatment from Val (Room2Breathe,Whitstable) who is sponsoring my journey with free sessions, and Moi Jill and Cath have cycled from Whitstable to give my bike emergency treatment.

Val helps me photograph the horizon through holes in termite-eaten chalk stones. They make me think of holes in the lungs which are a feature of emphysema. A member of the Thanet Breathe Easy group told me they are called PUTTOCKS!

These chalk cliffs attract graffitti carvers on different quests for immortality. Last year I found this unpleasant symbol high up out of reach. It calls out for some corrective sculptural readjustment.