Thursday, August 23, 2007

16.8.07: Waiting for Sunday (II)

1.00 pm:
Day trip to Folkestone

Folkestone is sunny. Driving down into the town I get a different view of the Grand Burstin Hotel which I visited before.

At the harbour I talk to Michael, an ex-fisherman who runs the wet fish shop on the quay. All except one fishing boat bring him their catch.

I have heard that fishermen here are unhappy with the plans to develop a marina in the harbour but Michael is adamant that they are in fact pleased about the development, and sure of their place in the future plans.

Michael feels that plans to remove the iconic arches will tidy things up. I know from speaking to other people that many see the arches as integral to Folkestone's identity and will be saddened at their loss.

Near the historic Bail neighbourhood this pig takes my fancy. There are two of them on what seems to be a residential building. I imagine it was once a butcher's shop.

In another part of town, scaffolding around this damaged chapel is evidence of the Almighty's inability to prevent the recent earthquake.