Thursday, August 23, 2007

14.8.07: Hastings

9.00 am:
At breakfast Trevor who is a saxophinist, Maggie and I discuss breathing. Trevor uses circular breathing when he plays, and he shows me how he breathes, stressing the importance of relaxing the upper chest while breathing diaphragmatically. He has noticed that his lungs feel a little tighter than they used to now he's older.

This Mexican fish lives in the bathroom. To help combat the panic which can occur when my oxygen levels have dropped too low - as in yesterday's push up the hill to Hastings - I often imagine a lavatory cistern flushing, emptying and then refilling. It helps me remember that my oxygen levels will similarly rise again when I stop and rest - not an elegant metaphor, but it seems to work.

3.00 pm:
After fish and chips from the Dolphin chippie near the front, I depart for home and a few days rest before the final ride with Hastings Urban Bikes on Sunday.