Thursday, July 16, 2009

13 June 2009 - Day 14: Worthing (Finden) to Littlehampton

6.00 a.m.

Blogging for three hours before breakfast at 9.00 with Sheila and her two grandchildren, Brennan and Chelsea; they are all fresh from the hot tub.

Before they all depart for a day out, Sheila shows me a route cross country on the O.S. map .

4.30 pm
No temperature or humidity recorded (battery died) but it is mostly sunny and breezy with a westerly wind.
O.S. Explorer Map No. 121
Total distance travelled: 10.9 miles

Sheila's route is dramatic, downhill around a South Downs escarpment and beautiful in the afternoon sun; then south through Patching and Angmering which are picture-postcard-pretty. I take a break for a pub meal of Sussex Smokey, a kind of smoked fish crumble, then skirt the A27 which has a cycle route alongside it.

I've been told the route runs near a protest of tree-dwellers, trying to prevent development on ancient woodland. I would love to visit, but it's late so I go on to Littlehampton campsite, arriving at 8.00 pm, and despite gruesome obscenities (exceeding by far top shelf porn mags) of young boys playing nearby, it turns out to be a peaceful evening. And the pitch fee is again donated to the BLF.

Tomorrow Izzi is travelling from London to cycle with me.