Thursday, July 16, 2009

HASTINGS TO THE ISLE OF WIGHT : 31.5.09 - 29.6.09

This cycle ride is the second journey undertaken as part of my Drawing Breath arts and health project. It follows a ride in 2007 between Whitstable and Hastings which is also recorded in this blog. A group collaborative exhibition, "Drawing Breath Recycled" about this earlier ride followed, opening at the Horsebridge Arts and Community Centre in Whitstable in October last year, and this is currently touring hospitals in the south of England.

A black and white version of the Hastings to Isle of Wight blog was posted on the first floor of the Horsebridge Centre, throughout the journey.

The blog has now been reversed online so that the whole journey can be read as a chronological narrative event. Clicking on 2009 in the left hand archive will enable you to view the entire journey blog without break.

The project was designed to be interactive but, unlike my 2007 ride, the site's Forum page has not been functioning well so apologies if you were among the people who tried to post comments there.