Thursday, July 16, 2009

9 June 2009 - Day 10: Sustrans rocks!

12.45 p.m.

A mostly downhill ride to meet Chris Boocock from Sustrans. Chris's role is to negotiate and set up new cycle routes and be an advocate for cycling and walking.

It's a fortuitous meeting as, after lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant, Chris fixes the front brakes of my ailing steed.

He even cycles with me to Evans to refit a new inner tube and protect both front and back tube with SLIME - a product which adheres to the inside of the tube and helps prevent punctures - real cycling solidarity.

It's National Bike Week from this Saturday - 14th June-21st June. Brighton and Hove's bike week features the fourth World Naked Bike Ride - "Bare What You Dare". I'm considering it.

From the Brighton Argos 2006.

Brighton, despite its hills, feels cycle-friendly. There are cycle parks and stands everywhere, and cycle routes around the city. The map I picked up at Evans Cycles is very clear and helpful, though I still get lost cycling back to Hollingbury in the evening.