Thursday, July 16, 2009

22 June 2009 - Day 23: Resting in Bosham

At breakfast, guests Rosemary and David tell me about the Saxon church. King Harold visited it the day before dying in the Battle of Hastings, and King Canute's daughter is reputed to be buried there.

Much of the morning is spent blogging on the Benbow p.c.

The phone rings chaotically, Pippa is trying to get out to the shops, and Woody escapes to swim in the incoming tide, sloshing happily and refusing to come out.

Cycling round the village, I visit the church then eat a stilton crumble lunch (very tasty) at the Mariner's waterside cafe.

At the Bosham Farm Shop which has now been taken over by the Co-op, you can't get an oatcake for love nor money - they've never heard of them. And there's no pharmacist for miles; my wrist is swelling up, hurting a bit more each day and needing support.

At 11.00 p.m. there are wisps of conversation floating in the breeze as I take a late night stroll.

Distance cycled with exploring and shopping: 2.8 miles