Thursday, July 16, 2009

28 July 2009 - Day 29: Breathe Easy Isle of Wight 10th birthday

We meet up with members of the Island Breathe Easy group who have a stall next to the Appley Beach Cafe along from our flat in Ryde. They are celebrating their tenth birthday party. My plan was to make a life size bicycle out of balloons with members and public but we scale this down to decorating the stall and talking to members of the public about lung function and health.

The group has had a birthday cake made (by the local Tesco) with the Breathe Easy logo on it. Andy, Pamela (Andy's mother), Eileen and Sarah, the lead respiratory nurse from the primary care trust team display it amidst the balloons,

and Rita photographs Sarah and myself cutting it.

This might be a good point to tell you of the unusual, though seemingly pointless achievement of 13 year old Andrew Dahl who, in 2008 in the public library in Blaine, Washington, U.S.A., blew up two hundred and thirteen balloons with his nose in one hour. The balloons had to be eight inches in diameter were counted by his mother, and were measured by his father. No further comment needed.