Thursday, July 16, 2009

4 July 2009 - Departure to mainland

11.30 p.m. on eve of departure

Filthy Fox, troubled perhaps by impending obscurity, has made a final bid for freedom.

It has burst out of its container, and expanded to full size in a split second, filling the small bedroom. We can't manage to pack it back down again, so it gets moved to the living room and I decide on a final night's camp.

Rita, an exhausted bear with sore head last night, comes good this morning and manages to contain the tent in its packing sleeve.

10.00 a.m

Sarah from the respiratory team arrives to help load the bike onto the car and say goodbye. By 12.00 we are on the ferry heading for the mainland.

The bike, the tent and me . . . . . along with Rita and Sue, we're coming home, with gratitude and thanks to all who have helped.