Thursday, July 16, 2009

18 June 2009 - Day 19: Eastbourne - tourists in town

The hotel is packed with women of all ages who have come to see the Eastbourne Tennis Tournament, which is mixed for the first year ever, having previously failed to attract sufficient sponsorship.
We have another large, carb-loaded breakfast in the hotel, untroubled by any deadlines or schedules. Then, interspersed with blogging, we wander this end of town.

After witnessing a nasty Hitchcock moment on the way back (these seagulls are truly scary) . . . . .

. . . . . and knitting duo, Yvonne and Ted, who are here for two weeks . . . . .

. . . . . we retreat to the Wishtower Restaurant which has a wonderful location on the edge of the cliff just by a Martello tower.

Cashier Lisa tells us that the council want to demolish and redevelop the site. But why? It could do with a lick of paint certainly, but it serves basic good value food and has spectacular views. But sold to a developer, it would fetch a huge price. The back of Lisa's tee-shirt says REFURBISH NOT DEMOLISH, a useful mantra for these grasping and eco-bashing times.

Before returning to the hotel, we re-visit the Towner Gallery, whose ground floor has been turned into a corporate exhibition space for the Eastbourne Tennis tournament, and a ticketing and entrance arena for the courts behind it. Sadly the tennis has replaced a wonderful exhibition where professional artists worked with school children to produce creative and challenging work.